How to buy cars in Cambodia

Love searching and buying new cars for your life? In Cambodia to buy car it is not difficult to do. In the city of Phnom Penh, we properly can see many car shops around the city both the new and second hand cars.

To buy cars in Cambodia, people have done different ways.

  1. People just spend time to go from car shops to shops to take a look and check up about cars the would like to buy by spending a lot of time to do so. After that they could take all the information they got from different shops to compare each other before reaching the last decision.
  2. People buy cars though cars dealer, a person who is the broker between the seller and buyer. People just asked the dealers to go and find cars as they would like and when he/ she found a cars, he/ she will contact the buyers and they can come to see and check it up. And finally, if the buyers like the car they will buy it. This way, the buyer and seller must pay commission fee to the dealer. This ways, it is sometimes, at risk. The dealers are often hard to trust, they can cheat us and we can get bad cars.
  3. Some people would like to search for buying cars on the Internet. They don’t often go to check up at the shops, but instead they look for on the Internet, when they see the one is their favorite they just go or contact the seller online or phone.

I found a Facebook page of a car company in Phnom Penh that it always updates about the new cars in their shops with price lists. I thinks it can be helpful for you guys if you would like to buy a car for your own to see and check it up.

The page address:

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How is education sector going to be changed in the next 5 years in Cambodia?

If we talk about the education system in Cambodia for the last decade, it has been in very low quality if comparing to other countries in its region and also we can see many complications and crises in the education sector that have been forbidden educational growth.

There are many factors have consisted in the Cambodian education system that leads to low ground quality such as:

  • Low salaries for teachers: Recently this year, teacher’s salaries have been increased that can provide a little bit better for teachers’ livelihood, but it still not plentiful for them to focus on providing quality teaching to students. In the last decade were worse than now.
  • Teachers didn’t fulfill their morality and pedagogy. Because of lacking of their livelihood, teachers started to forget about their morality and pedagogy as teachers and practiced things that teacher should not do. “Teacher” is counted the most worth in Khmer society and good model for all students and they were paid with very high salary in the past before Pol Pot regime, but now are very different.
  • And also corruption has happened in almost areas of educational system such as during exams in semesters and the final exams that happened once a year. This corruption caused education in Cambodia to be so weak. Students who their parents are rich, they do not study hard, just give money to teachers when exams that’s it.

This year, there is another hopes to restore the educational quality in Cambodia. An anti-corruption unit was created in Cambodia in order to fight for corruption in all images and in all institutions. And recently, this unit has been focused on stopping corruption in the education sector of Cambodia, especially, taken measure for the final exams coming very soon.

But, the question that many Cambodian people have been asking, I believe, How good this unit will perform in the longer future and it will be an effective or not?

The Diploma just finished without any attractions amongst the people and what about the grade 12 final exams? Is it going to be serious or not that this unit claimed that will make no corruption anymore during the exams.

My last question and doubt, what is educational quality going to be in next 5 years? And does this unit will perform fairly for its long journey?

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A Foreigner’s teaching Khmer!

This is the first time for me to see the foreigner teaches Khmer language. I feel a little bit surprised and would like to admire this guy on how talent is he!

I have met many foreigners that can speak and write Khmer language very well, and they even knew many hard words that we’re Khmer can’t understand its meaning, but not foreigners teach Khmer.

So, when you guys watch this video (I quote from Youtube channel:, it can be an encouragement for you during you are studying Khmer, when you feel bored or stress to learn this language, or someone would like to learn it, because there are many foreigners would like to learn Khmer language, but they failed. Trust that you guys can do it, because this guy has done very well.

Nothing that we can do, when we focus on it and try the best for it.

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What Happens to Your Online Accounts After You Die?

When you die, should your loved ones have access to your Facebook, Gmail, and other online accounts?

A group of influential lawyers says yes, unless you specify otherwise in a will. The Uniform Law Commission, whose members are appointed by state governments to help standardize state laws, was expected to endorse a plan Wednesday to automatically give loved ones access to — but not control of — all digital accounts unless otherwise specified.

To become law in a state, the legislation would have to be adopted by the state’s legislature. But if it does, designating such access could become an important tool in estate planning, allowing people to decide which accounts should die when they do.

The plan is likely to frustrate some privacy advocates, who say people shouldn’t have to draft a will to keep their mothers from reviewing their online dating profile or their spouses from reading every email they ever wrote.

What Happens to Your Online Accounts After You Die?

“This is something most people don’t think of until they are faced with it. They have no idea what is about to be lost,” said Karen Williams of Beaverton, Oregon, who sued Facebook for access to her 22-year-old son Loren’s account after he died in a 2005 motorcycle accident.

The question of what to do with one’s “digital assets” is as big as America’s electronic footprint. Grieving relatives want access for sentimental reasons, and to settle financial issues. A person’s online musings, photos, and videos — such as a popular cooking blog or a gaming avatar that has acquired a certain status online — also can be worth money. Imagine the trove of digital files amassed by someone of historical value — say former President Bill Clinton or musician Bob Dylan — and what those files might fetch on an auction block.

“Our email accounts are our filing cabinets these days,” said Suzanne Brown Walsh, a Cummings & Lockwood attorney who chaired the drafting committee on the bill. But “if you need access to an email account, in most states you wouldn’t get it.”

Ginger McCall, associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, said a judge’s approval should be needed to protect the privacy of both the owners of accounts and the people who communicate with them.

“The digital world is a different world” than offline, McCall said. “No one would keep 10 years of every communication they ever had with dozens or even hundreds of other people under their bed.”

Most people assume they can decide what happens by sharing certain passwords with a trusted family member, or even making those passwords part of their will. But in addition to potentially exposing passwords when a will becomes public record, anti-hacking laws and most companies’ “terms of service” agreements prohibit anyone from accessing an account that isn’t theirs. That means loved ones technically become criminals if they log on to a dead person’s account.


Karen Williams looking at a portrait of her son Loren. (Rick Bowmer/Associated Press)

Several tech providers have come up with their own solutions. Facebook, for example, will “memorialize” accounts by allowing already confirmed friends to continue to view photos and old posts. Google, which runs Gmail, YouTube, and Picasa Web Albums, offers its own version: If a person doesn’t log on after a while, her accounts can be deleted or shared with a designated person. Yahoo users agree when signing up that their account expires when they do.

But the courts aren’t convinced that a company supplying the technology should get to decide what happens to a person’s digital assets. In 2005, a Michigan probate judge ordered Yahoo to hand over the emails of a Marine killed in Iraq after his parents argued that their son would have wanted to share them. Likewise, a court eventually granted Williams access to her son’s Facebook account, although she says the communications appeared to be redacted.

Enter the Uniform Law Commission. According to a draft of the proposal, the personal representative of the deceased, such as the executor of a will, would get access to — but not control of — a person’s digital files so long as the deceased doesn’t prohibit it in the will. The law would trump access rules outlined by a company’s terms of service agreement, although the representative would still have to abide by other rules including copyright laws.

That means, for example, that a widow can read her deceased husband’s emails but can’t send emails from that account. And a person can access music or video downloads, but not copy the files if doing so violates licensing agreements.

Williams said she supports letting people decide in their wills whether accounts should be kept from family members.

“I could understand where some people don’t want to share everything,” she said in a phone interview this week. “But to us, losing (our son) unexpectedly, anything he touched became so valuable to us.” And “if we were still in the era of keeping a shoe box full of letters, that would have been part of the estate, and we wouldn’t have thought anything of it.”

Original post found here: what-happens-to-your-online-accounts-after-you-die?

I found here it is very interesting article, there are tons of people who have had account online and maybe you guys will have the same doubt as the thing in the article. So I share this and you also can go to the original link above.

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Facebook Now Lets You Save Links, Places, Music, and More for Later

Keeping up with Facebook’s News Feed can often feel like a losing battle, especially when you’ve got friends who bombard the stream with links several times a day. No one has time to read all that on the spot, and thankfully Facebook is completely aware of those time constraints. Since most people can’t spend the entire day on Facebook, today the company is introducing a new Save feature that makes getting back to links and other shared content much easier. It’s rolling out to all users on iOS, Android, and the Web over the next few days.

Aside from links, you’ll also be able to save places, music, movies, and TV shows that your friends are posting about. Facebook will compile all of these saved items together in a new section that’s being added to the More tab on mobile. And revisiting that stuff from a desktop browser should also be easy thanks to a link that’ll soon appear in the Facebook sidebar. From here you can share those items with friends or archive links once you’ve finally found free time to read them.

Facebook Now Lets You Save Links, Places, Music, and More for Later

There’s no offline access to content, so Facebook Save isn’t going to replace Pocket or Instapaper anytime soon. Nor does it offer the organization that Pinterest users are accustomed to. You can’t make your own lists of saved items since Facebook automatically puts everything into buckets for links, places, music, and so on. It’s super basic by design.

It’s hard to see a practical reason for saving Facebook pages belonging to bands or TV shows; links and places are clearly where the new feature makes the most sense. But Facebook, always eager to experiment with new features, also runs the risk of people missing this latest one entirely or quickly forgetting about it. To help prevent that, the company says you’ll sometimes see reminders for saved content pop up in the News Feed.

Original post found here: Facebook-now-lets-you-save-links-places-music

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5 things you must be aware of when coming to Cambodia

1-    Mosquitoes bite: Mosquito bite in Cambodia can cause two kinds of diseases: Dingus Fever and Malaria, It is very dangerous for foreigners when getting this both diseases, but the Dingus Fever is more dangerous for you. Mostly the foreigners who got Dingus Fever, it is hard to cure in Cambodia; mostly they are brought to Thailand for a better treatment.  So if you guys come, you must protect yourself from mosquitoes bite. If you stay in cities sometimes, it is not so challenged with Dangus or Malaria, because you stay in the hotel, but you can face mosquitoes bite when you get out where mosquitoes access. So what can you do to protect yourself from mosquitoes bite? If you stay where the mosquitoes confrontation you must sleep under dipped mosquitoes net. You can find mosquito net everywhere at the chemists’ store in Cambodia. So just get one with you. And if you go out day time or night time, you should use mosquito ripeilion over your skin to protect you from mosquitos bite. Imagine if you get one of these diseases while you are in holiday, it will not be happy for you ha!

Source: Flickr

2-    Travel and Traffic: Traffic in Cambodia is a little bit crazy especially in the towns. There are many motorcycles and vehicles on the roads or street and there is no any lane set up for motorbike or car, they just go together messily. So it is so easy to cause road accident. And in countryside or provinces roads are not wide so it is also easy to cause road accident. Road accidents rate in Cambodia are higher than other countries in ASEAN. So, if you guys travel around during your days in Cambodia, you should be aware of this. If you travel on motorbike or with motor taxis, you must wear helmet properly on. I encourage you to get tuk tuk (a kind of taxi transportation) are safer than motor taxi or get taxi meters when you go around (only in Phnom Penh).

3-    Street foods: Street foods are considered to be the cheapest everywhere in Cambodia. Some tourists, they would like to try street foods that can make them more fun and experienced for their traveling and you can do the same, but it can be harmful for your health. I won’t encourage you to try them, but if you have experiences doing it before in another countries and it didn’t harm you, so you do it.

4-    Bargain before buying or doing things: You can be a target of ripping off, because you are tourists and many people think you are rich. So, you must bargain (This not mean for everything, just something with a bigger amount of money). You buy clothes in the market and if the price 10 dollars US, you can give 5 dollars and the seller with put the price down automatically. And if get taxi, you must know the price before getting in if not you can be cheated or ripped off. I used to be ripped off when travelling in Bang Kok by a Thai taxi meters. So, that’s ok to bargain and talk about the price before buying and doing something in Cambodia. It can happen everywhere.

5-    Give money to street kids: I won’t stop you from doing generosity. You properly feel bad when street kids come and plead you for money with a pity gesture and you can throw off 1 or 2 dollars for them. But be careful, sometimes, it is not only one, but it can be a group. When one got money from you, he/she just run away and a few second latter, another one will come to you again and you will be bothered by them and you will not feel good anymore.

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5 Tips Every Samsung Galaxy Phone Owner Should Know

Using a Samsung Galaxy phone can make me feel like I’m on a treasure hunt. There are so many hidden features that it can be somewhat overwhelming to find the ones that will truly enrich your experience, versus the ones you should leave in the sand. Consider this guide your treasure map. Most important, I’ll show you how to use the features that will save you time and help you get the most out of your device, whether you own a Galaxy S4 or S5, a Galaxy Mega or mini, or a Note 3.

From customizing those Quick Settings and using your phone as a TV remote to making certain pictures private, these are the tips every Samsung phone owner should know.

1. Speed up your phone
Not a fan of waiting? Disabling the home button shortcut for Samsung’s voice assistant, S Voice, will speed things up. You’ll notice much less of a delay when exiting apps. That’s because your Galaxy Phone is waiting for you to tap the home button twice to turn the feature on — every single time you press it.

5 Tips Every Samsung Galaxy Phone Owner Should Know

To add more time back to your life, double-tap the home button to activate S Voice, and then touch the three dots in the upper-right corner and tap Settings. After that, all you need to do is uncheck the box that says Open via the home key.

2. Run two apps on the screen at once
Samsung has been guilty of throwing lots of gimmicky stuff at the wall (see Smart Scroll and Smart Pause), but Multi Window is an underrated and underappreciated feature. With this function turned on, you can run two apps on the screen simultaneously, giving you serious multitasking power. Plus, you can move content from one window into another.


To get started, make sure Multi Window is turned on in the Quick Settings Menu. Then swipe the tab on the left edge of your screen to the right. Now drag app icons from the tray that appears in the top and bottom windows. Now you can attach a photo to an outgoing email just by dragging and dropping it, or browse the Web while you check your texts.

3. Customize the Quick Settings menu
The whole point of Samsung’s Quick Settings menu is to save you time, so it’s in your best interest to take a little bit of time to customize it to your liking. Travel a lot? Then you’ll want the Airplane mode button front and center. Want to save every last bit of juice? Then you’ll want to prioritize Power saving mode or (if you own a Galaxy S5 or newer phone) Ultra power saving mode. I personally prefer S Finder, which helps you find apps, file email, and perform other things on your device.


More: Samsung Galaxy S5 Bloatware Removal Guide

To make the S5 more your own, swipe down from the top of the screen, and then tap the grid button in the top-right corner. Next, you’ll tap the pencil button (Edit). From there, you’ll be able to drag and drop shortcut buttons to whichever position you like.

4. Keep those backlit keys always on
Maybe you’re a new Galaxy phone user trying to remember what button does what. Or you just hate peek-a-boo. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of people who don’t like that the keys beneath Samsung’s display automatically turn off after a few seconds. If you’d prefer that these keys always be backlit when the screen is on, it’s easy to do something about it.


Start by going to Settings and selecting Display. Scroll down and tapTouch key light duration. Now select Always on.

5. Voice control to take photos
Whether you want to take more selfies (I won’t judge) or you just want to eliminate camera shake when you snap that important group photo, your Samsung phone can help. With a simple voice command you can activate the shutter. Choose from “Smile,” “Cheese,” “Capture,” or “Shoot” for taking pictures or just say, “Record video” for capturing footage. These commands work whether you’re using the back or front camera.


To activate voice control for the camera, open the camera app and tap Settings. Then scroll until you see the Voice control option, and select it to turn it on. When taking photos, your Samsung phone will tell you to keep the phone steady as it processes your command, which happens fairly quickly.

I found this it can be helpful for all the Samsung Galaxy phones users:

Original post found here: 5- tips-every-samsung-galaxy-phone-owner-should-know

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Prey Basak Temple, an unsung serenity

Timeless and sublime, the dusty approach to the forest temple of Prasat (temple) Prey Basak is without parallel. Flocks of birds lazily rise from a shimmering Lake, cows and buffaloes lethargically chew their cud.

Traveling along the path about 8 kilometers from Svay Rieng province, we can reach a natural and cultural resort known as Prasat Prey Basak (Prey Basak temple).

Prey Basak is located in Basak village, Basak commune, Svay Chrum district in the south of Svay Rieng province. It is about 8 km if traveling by overland and 4 km by boat. Prasat Prey Basak was an old time hill forest that kept a part of some ancient historical wealth and a ruin of the temple that left only the temple’s foundation.

The mountain temple has a fascinating history. The temple originally went under a completely different name. “Before the name was Toul Prasat, and afterwards, many Vietnamese came to do business here. When they arrived over the border, they always stopped here to take a rest. Their pronunciation of Toul Prasat was not clear, so others heard it as Toul Basak. So, now even Khmer called it Toul Basak too” said chief of the Tourism Department in Svay Rieng.

Prasat Prey Basak was built in the early 6th century in Sambo Prey Kuk style. The temple was apparently built to commemorate a military victory. A long time ago, the local king collected a mighty army to South-east of here. The camped on the site of Prey Basak. They drove out their enemies and afterwards a great temple was built.

What the natural and cultural resort can provide you?

  • Fresh air and you will enjoy bird’ s sound to create a very special music with a cold environment from the shadow of the forest
  • You can enjoy trailing through the forest; it is covered on about more than 6 hectare of land with many kind of timbers
  • You can enjoy the old ancient of Prasat Prey Basak and its culture

This resort nowadays is conserved and cared by the provincial tourism department in or der to make this place to be an attractive sight for tourist.

Today we can see most people has been to this place mostly are local tourist.

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9 Players Who Made Themselves famous after world cup

Every four years, a handful of players come out of nowhere, play well at the World Cup, and end up transferring to big clubs for a ton of money. Recently,

Some of these guys pan out, while others fail.

Here are the candidates this year.

James Rodriguez (Colombia)

James was already on the map after getting sold to AS Monaco along with Joao Moutinho for a combined $102 million last summer. At the World Cup, though, he looked like one of the best players on earth. He outplayed Ronaldo and Messi, scoring six goals in five games for a Colombia team that was the most exciting squad in the entire tournament.

9 Players Who Made Themselves A Ton Of Money At The World Cup

According to the Spanish newspaper AS, he will be sold to Real Madrid for $107 million.

Toni Kroos (Germany)The 24-year-old finished the World Cup with two goals and four assists. In a team filled with star players — where the likes of Mario Gotze, Andre Schurrle, and Sami Kheidra came off the bench at times — Kroos stood out.

Three days after the final Bayern Munich sold him to Real Madrid for $34 million.

DeAndre Yedlin (U.S.)Yedlin makes $92,000 for the Seattle Sounders, 72-times less than teammate Clint Dempsey. He might be the most underpaid player in the world. At age 21, he came into three World Cup games and was one of the USMNT’s most threatening players. He still has to learn to defend, but he looked like he belonged against Belgium.

The Sounders have reportedly set their price for Yedlin at $6.5 million. Italian giants AS Roma are interested.

Matt Besler (U.S.)The Sporting Kansas City player was the best defender on a U.S. team that did a ton of defending in Brazil. At 27-years old it might be now-or-never for him making a move to Europe.

Besler told a radio station this week that he has two offers on the table from English teams, believed to be Fulham and Sunderland. If he stayed with Sporting Kansas City, they’d have to use a designated player slot to give him a raise from his current $200,000 salary.

Enner Valencia (Ecuador)There was a strange lack of standout strikers at the World Cup. Of the top-five goalscorers in Brazil (James, Neymar, Lionel Messi, Thomas Muller, Robin Van Persie), only Van Persie is a true center forward. Enner Valencia was one of the only No. 9′s to break out. He scored three goals in three games.

He’s moving to West Ham in the Premier League from the Mexican club Pachuca for $20 million.

Divock Origi (Belgium)Origi played so well that he took Romelu Lukaku’s starting spot after just two games. He scored a game-winning goal against Russia, and could have had multiple goals against the U.S. if it wasn’t for the heroics of Tim Howard.

The 19-year-old played for Lille in France last year. Now there are rumors that Liverpool wants him to replace Luis Saurez.

Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)It was truly the World Cup of CONCACAF Goalkeepers. Mexico’s Memo Ochoa, the U.S.’s Tim Howard, and Costa Rica’s Navas all played great. Navas may have been the best of the bunch. He helped the Ticos to their best World Cup ever, letting up just two goals in the process.

Like some other World Cup standouts, he’s now heading to Real Madrid from Levante for a $13-million fee.

Memphis Depay (Netherlands)The Netherlands wasn’t supposed to do anything in Brazil. Most people had them going out in the group stage. Yet they made it all the way to the semifinals, mostly because unproven players like Depay turned out to be better than expected.

A handful of Premier League teams are now interested in snatching him away from PSV Eindhoven in the Eredivisie.

Paul Pogba (France)The 21-year-old looked like the best box-to-box midfielder in the world in Brazil. His game is drawing comparisons to that of Yaya Toure, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s being linked to Manchester City should Toure leave.

He won’t come cheap, though. Reports in the English media put his price at $102 million.

Original post found here:

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11 world great Founders/Inventors

  1. PIZZA: Who was the founder of PIZZA? It is actually hard to understand who was the one that founded PIZZA; even though the original was known from Italy. Mr Raffaele Esposito was the bread seller; he opened his first restaurant in Italy in 1889 and a Northern American man, Mr Gennaro Lombardi opened his first Pizza restaurant in New York in 1905 and after many years later it became the most popular in America in 1930.
  2. PEPSI: Who was the founder of PEPSI? Pepsi is a very popular drink from Pepsi Company. It was produced by Mr Caleb Bradham. The first goal of Caleb just produced brad’s drink only. But years later, he initiated to produce Pepsi-cola from the Brad’s drink in 1898 and 1903 in the North Calorina, America. In 1961 Pepsi-cola drink was changed into Pepsi drink instead.
  3. CHEWING GUM: Who was the founder of chewing gum? The first chewing gum was produced by Fleer Chewing co, Ltd in 1898 and it was called Blidder-bludder in that time. In 1928 Mr. Walter Diemer who worked for Fleer Chewing produced a new purple chewing gum called Double bubble successfully.
  4. COCA COLA: Who was the founder of Coca Cola? The producer of Coca cola was Mr John Pemberton in 1885 in Columbus. At the first Coca Cola were consumed as remedy for health and from years to years it was called Coca Cola till now.
  5. CHOCOLATE: Who was the founder of Chocolate? It was produced by Mr. Joseph Fry in 1930.
  6. PEANUT BUTTER: Who was the founder of Peanut Butter? It was produced by an American researcher named George Washington Carver in 1903. The peanut butter was originally from South America in 950 BC.
  7. COMPUTER: Who was the founder of computer? It was produced by Mr. Charles Babbage (he was born on December 26, 1791) in London. The first computer produced by Charles was in 1822. At the same time Mr. Aba Lovelace produced the first computer software. In 1950, the officially acknowledgment for Computer production.
  8. LAPTOP: Who was the founder of the Laptop? Mr. Adam Osborne (he was born in March 06, 1939 in Thailand). He was the one who produced the first Laptop in the world.
  9. TOUCH SCREEN: Who was the founder of Touch Screen? Touch screen is one of technological electronics that have been very popular today. The person, who produced, was Mr. Sam Hurst in 1971. He was a professor and the founder of Elo Touch System.
  10. YOUTUBE: Who was the founder of Youtube? Youtube are recognized that it is a very popular video entertainment site. Three people that worked together to have Youtube are Mr. Chad Hurley, Mr Steven Chen and Mr. Jawed Karim in between 2005 and 2006. The three worked for PayPal Company.
  11. YAHOO: Yahoo is a very popular website among many websites on the Internet. The contraction of Yahoo= Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. It was created by Dr. David Filo and Dr. Jerry Yang in Feb, 1994.
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